“I went to Catherine to improve my thinking and overthinking around my relationship. I learned that everything my partner said was not personal, that she was just hurting inside too. I can’t believe how amazing we both feel now.

Catherine is excellent at putting my worries and thoughts in a different perspective so I can personally move on and grow.”


“We had actually separated and I was convinced I needed him to change in order for us to get back together but Catherine showed me how to make it beautiful again. Now we’re now, not just partners but business partners!”


“I have been seeing Catherine to help with my stress and anger problems and have found she has helped me in many ways – some of them really unexpected. Because I don’t get stressed anymore I have found that I’ve improved physically as well as mentally.

My blood pressure is a lot lower.

My IBS is much better – I don’t have to go to the toilet as often and there isn’t an urgency.

My periods have returned regularly after years of not having them.

Not only these but to my amazement –

My kidney blood results are much better and the percentage of my kidney that is working is up.

My bone density which had been decreasing and was dangerously low is now so normal, that I have been signed off by my bone consultant.

Thank you Catherine”

Mrs D, Exeter


“I’ve been going to Catherine’s meetup group for over a year now, actually I think I was there right from the start. The sessions are partly Catherine giving her insight on healthy thinking and partly driven by the group and how they wish to shape the sessions and also bring up any issues that are bothering them.

Over time the group have got to know each other and it really does now feel part of my every other Sunday routine. Besides it being a good way for me to meet other people it has also changed my thinking and outlook on a number of issues and got me looking at things in a different, more positive way.

I know people are often sceptical and reluctant to try new things but if you are thinking about learning to have a happier and more peaceful life and giving the group sessions a try, why not give it a go?”

Julian, Exeter


“I have had both private and group sessions with Catherine and they have definitely helped me. I am now able to deal with life with a lot less anger. I also find that my health worries affect me much less than they used to. I feel a lot calmer and happier now and would recommend Catherine to anyone having a hard time coping, whatever the issue.”

Debra Stevens, Exeter


“Having coaching from Catherine has changed my life in so many ways, some difficult to describe and some very obvious. One that is very apparent is that I seem to have more time, even though nothing has changed on the inside.

Nothing has changed apart from my thinking….and now I have so much more time to do things. This is especially noticeable in the morning. In the past, I would be rushing through all the things I had to do for myself and my family to get ready for school and the day ahead, now I seem to have so much more time and I am able to relax with them. This has ramifications for my family too who all seem to be much happier even though, again, nothing has changed except my thinking.

Life keeps getting better and better. There are still ups and downs, of course, I’m still human, but the downs don’t seem to be so compelling or last as long or matter so much.

I am so grateful to Catherine for opening my eyes to this understanding and for the unwavering knowing that she had, that I would gain insight into my life. Thank you Catherine.”

Mrs X, Devon


“I fled from my mentally and physically abusive husband, with my three sons and moved to Exeter. I had no money, was frightened and damaged and remember thinking I had reached rock bottom.

I really wanted to give stability to my boys but I often found myself screaming at them and then feeling incredibly guilty. I was dragging them and myself down further but simply didn’t have the resources to cope. They were getting more and more of a handful, I had started very messy divorce proceedings and my parents were totally unsupportive.

If I’d thought the fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndromes had been exacerbated by the stress of living with a man that abused me and our children, it was nothing compared to what I was experiencing as a desperately poor single parent; some days I was in too much pain to get out of bed.

I bounced from one bad relationship to the next, seeking comfort. Rock bottom seemed to be getting deeper.

When I met Catherine, I was a mess and my life was chaotic. I was running round, being disorganised and late for every appointment I managed not to miss.

Throughout my journey back to wellness, Catherine has been supportive and encouraging. She was there through the rough times, the fears, insecurities and depression; she was there at the worst point when I decided I couldn’t go on and wanted to end it.

It was then that she gave me a gentle but firm talking to; she told me I needed to be fully engaged in this or not at all. It was the jolt I needed. I became determined to connect with my inner calm and listen to my wisdom instead of my stories.

I now see that while I constantly moaned about my illnesses, my ex, my divorce, my parents and my relationships, I was actually creating my reality.


I can only describe what happened, by saying it was like someone opening the top of my head, scooping out all the mess and putting it all back in, new, clean and tidy. I feel lighter, I feel free. I have even started to feel physically better; I’ve just had my first pain-free day in months.

Even though ‘bad’ things still happen, I see everything differently. I am able to handle my sons and talk to my parents without losing my temper. I remember things that I am told or read; my head isn’t mush any more.

I am no longer listening to my pitiful old story. I am starting a new story from a place of calm. A better place and brighter one, filled with love and understanding.

I have no doubt in my mind that this is down to Catherine.”

Clare Parkin, Exeter