Your Relationship with You

Hi, I’m Catherine, I worked as a successful Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Tutor for many years…until I had an insight which changed my life. I had no idea that life could be as wonderful as it is now…and I want to share that understanding with you.

I help my clients connect with their inner wisdom to find peace, joy, strength and clarity. Gently, I guide people to a place of love…a place without limitations.

This space has always been within each one of us but we innocently allowed it to become hidden by our daily lives.

I’ll show you how easy it is to step away from pain, anxiety, stress, depression and eveything else that we want to be free of and simply enjoy our experiences of life.

I explain how every bit of our suffering, that we think comes from our relationships, our jobs, our health or anything else on the outside of us is solely caused by us believing the stories we tell ourselves.

I reveal that our thoughts can hold no power over us, that nothing and no one can ever hurt us unless we allow them to. I give you permission to choose love over fear in every single moment.

I drew inspiration from The Three Principles which were revealed in 1973 by Sydney Banks after he had his life changing spiritual enlightenment.

I also offer relationship coaching and work with people in my studio or via Skype / Zoom.

Allow me to change your life…for good.

Just so you know…I’m fully insured and have been DBS checked.

Catherine x