This is my fourth book…the first one on this subject.

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One day my life changed; immeasurably, permanently, beautifully. I rediscovered the love we are all born with. In this down to earth yet spiritual book, I share with you how you, too, can have a gentler, more peaceful and happier experience of life.

I explain how we have been holding onto suffering, albeit unknowingly, and how we can all become clear-headed and stress-free. Within these chapters is a magic that will enable you to reclaim the purity that was you, before life and your misunderstandings got in the way.

I am a relationship coach and author, and work with private clients. I’d love to coach you into the peaceful life you deserve…

In the words of one of my clients: “Life keeps on getting better and better. There are still ups and downs, of course, I’m human, but the downs don’t seem to be so compelling, or last as long, or matter so much.”

I’d love to add YOU to my ever-growing list of satisfied clients.