About me

I have an amazing life, wonderful relationships with my husband and children and fabulous businesses. I feel truly blessed.

It wasn’t always like this….

I struggled with anxiety, depression, disordered eating and suicidal thoughts for most of my adult life. I was insecure, jealous, upset, hurt, offended or resentful much of the time; it was hell…and affected my whole life, not least, my marriage

I tried everything…counselling, hypnotherapy and numbing with alcohol…nothing worked and I knew that I had to do something before I lost everything…including my husband.

Then my life changed. I became the person I am now and got my marriage back. I would like nothing better than to share what I know with you.

I don’t want anybody else to suffer like I did….and I know I can help you…whether you’re struggling with your relationship with your partner, or your relationship with yourself.

I am passionate about helping YOU lead a happier and more gentle life.

Let me coach you happy.

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Catherine x